Report Date: 12/12/2014

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation

AKC #:TS095249/04 06-14 Breed/Variety:Pomeranian
Birth Date:12/24/2011 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Chocolate & Tan White Markings
Breeder(s):Lisa Wilson

TS095249/04 06-14
Chocolate & Tan White Markings
HTH's Got My Mojo Back
TR954137/02 09-11
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V651731
Lydon Star Burst At So Me
TR662186/01 03-10
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #V636424
CH Lydon Sean John
TR369036/01 11-07
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V645160
Lydon Pup Diddy
TP305722/01 11-03
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V388990
Bi Mar's Smoking Jose
TP072223/02 11-02
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V249760
Oregon's Lydon Im Fancy Too
TN885701/01 06-01
Orange Sable
Lydon Island Girl
TP296016/03 03-04
Orange Sable
Oregon Die Fle Dermaus O'Lydon
TO004671/03 07-02
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V244502
Lydon Leia
TN512102/01 04-99
Oregon Millennium Star
TP283769/02 05-05
Kitsan Jedi Warrior
TN910990/01 11-00
AKC DNA #V306346
CH Kitsan Warrior Kon
TM851526/05 01-94
Kitsan Misticice
TN456564/01 02-98
CH Oregon's-New-Age-Millennium
TN809902/01 10-00
Bi-Mar's Honey Boy
TN317149/01 01-97
AKC DNA #V93818
Lydon Leia
TN512102/01 04-99
Hth's Ima Lil Flirt
TR824787/02 08-10
Angel Touch Heart Of Ice (Icey)
TR679380/03 11-08
AKC DNA #V568813
Pombreden's Ghost Of A Chance
TP283026/01 02-03
AKC DNA #V299220
Chacres White As A Ghost
TN335239/01 08-97
AKC DNA #V96329
Pombreden's Jesus' My Starlite
TN546622/01 08-99
Pomangels White Sweet P Sugar
TP234071/02 03-05
Haman's White Gold Rock
TN689516/04 11-99
AKC DNA #V170996
Clemmon Cream N Sugar Sweetp
TN670834/03 08-01
Sweet Dream's Siempre Selena
TR516430/01 08-08
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Lucy's Lil Casanova
TR276929/02 03-06
Orange Sable
CH Marbil-Riehm Riding In Style
TP201951/02 11-04
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #V310569
Lucys "Candy" Orange Crush
TP050591/01 10-02
AKC DNA #V444256
Lucy's Cream Bunny
TR229797/01 10-05
Lucy's Snowman Express "Tito"
TP079395/01 02-02
AKC DNA #V270715
Lucy's Lil Pooh Bear
TR022300/02 12-03
Blue & Tan
Pdillys Wild Thang
TR972308/03 09-11
Blue Merle
Pomacres & Pdillys Cutter
TR851970/01 10-10
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Pj's Lil Custom Painted Parti
TR449296/01 09-07
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V508944
CH Wee Hearts Charming Puff Daddy
TR147209/01 11-05
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V310570
Wee Hearts Domino's Shadow
TN535850/01 06-98
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V80474
Rocky Tops Sassy's Shadow
TP274676/04 11-03
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
Pj's Foxie Lil Sequoia
TR258468/03 03-06
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
Wee Hearts Jokers Wild
TR147209/02 10-04
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V381605
Lucy's Un Poquite De Amor
TR091050/02 10-04
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Christannes Tri N To Parti
TR649962/01 07-09
Black & Tan White Markings
Fabyan's Apache Moon
TR355696/01 04-07
Black & Tan White Markings
Jenuwayne Kemo Soubie
TN859580/01 08-99 (Canada)
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V85056
Christannes Patchwork Cotton
TR060230/04 06-05
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Christannes Chantilly Lace
TR245053/03 10-07
Black & Tan
Iskatos Velvet I'm Prancher
TP130437/03 07-03
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V292832
Meadow's Of Love Toche' Sable
TN833662/04 12-01
Black & Tan White Markings
P Dilly's Chocolate Merle Rubye
TR444441/03 11-07
Chocolate Merle Tan Markings
P Dilly's Blue Frito Bandito
TR261086/04 12-05
Blue Merle
AKC DNA #V407920
Pomsotic's Majik Mojo Merle
TR099860/01 07-04
Blue Merle
AKC DNA #V309214
Pomsotic Merlin's Speckled Merl
TP024281/01 07-01
AKC DNA #V145731
Pomsotic Fudge's Rippled Girl
TP140692/04 10-02
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
Sho-Win's Lady Gadiva
TP278056/03 06-04
Sho-Win's Choc Kodiack Bear
TP045598/04 01-02
AKC DNA #V185274
Mitzi's Choc-N-Tan Chasity
TN563499/03 07-00
Chocolate & Tan
Pomorama's Missi Baby Girl
TR108479/02 01-05
Blue Parti-Color
Laverne's Parti Boy Jake
TN065057/01 04-95
Sable Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V106771
Laverne's Ticket To Ride
TD378297 12-91
Laverne's Blue Monday
TM713520/02 10-93
Laverne's Blue Bonnet
TP272884/03 07-03
Blue Parti-Color
Captain Blue Boy Of Arocha
TN971181/01 04-01
Blue White Markings
AKC DNA #V110487
Sheba Blue Moon Of Arocha
TN826702/02 10-00
Blue Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V187945

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