The Services listed below are available for puppies purchased from Strong's Pups.* All services are performed at the Strong's Pups facilities. If you have any questions regarding our Services, please E-mail us.


  • $20 - Basic: Wash, Brush & Blow-Dry

  • $25 - Plus: Includes Basic Package as well as trimming hair on feet, clipping and filing nails

  • $35 - Everything: Includes Plus Package as well as trimming around tush, chest and face (Poodles & Yorkies), de-shedding Pomeranian,) nail polish, fragrance and bow

Puppy-sitting - Owner provides food, toys, treats, bedding, crate, etc.

  • $10 per day - same day pick-up

  • $15 per day - next day pick-up

Vaccinations - Not Including Rabies

  • $15 per Vaccination

Bravecto Flea Treatment - Lasts for 3 Months - Chewable

  • $24 aka $8 per month

Fenbendazole 100 mg/mL De-worming Treatment

  • $5 for 3 Consecutive Doses given over a 3 day period

* We reserve the right to refuse Services for any dog, for any reason.

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