Pomeranians come in a rainbow of colors. Below please find a list of the AKC recognized colors, the definition of the color and, where available, pictures of Strong's Pups Pomeranians in those colors. The following color descriptions are as per American Pomeranian Club.


Below please find a list of the AKC recognized markings

  • Black Muzzle
  • Brindle - the base color is gold, red, or orange-brindled with strong black cross stripes
  • Parti-color - is white with any other color distributed in patches with a white blaze preferred on the head.
  • Black Mask
  • White Markings


The '& Tan' pattern is sharply defined with Tan points appearing in the below listed locations. The tan color ranges from a light cream (sometimes referred to as "silver") to a dark mahogany rust.

  • Above each eye
  • on muzzle
  • on cheeks
  • inside of ears
  • on throat
  • on forechest - as one large patch or two smaller patches, or 'rosettes' on either side of chest above the front legs
  • on all legs and feet
  • below tail
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