Stephanie Strong with two Orange Sable Pomeranian puppies.The Pomeranian is a cocky, animated companion with an extroverted personality. This compact little dog is an active toy breed with an alert character and fox-like expression. Today, the Pomeranian is a popular companion dog and competitive show dog. They can come in all colors, patterns, and variations. Poms rank among the most popular breeds according to the AKC® Registration Statistics.

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Pom Specific Info

What are the puppy uglies?

    Every Pomeranian puppy goes through a period when their adult coat starts to replace (“comes in”) their puppy coat. During this time the puppy may look scraggly and ugly. This period usually begins between 3 and 7 months and the final coat will be in by 12 to 18 months. Below please find pictures of Talyn going through the different coat stages.

Will my puppy’s final coat be the same color?

    All Pomeranians carry genes for a range of colors. The color of a puppy could change significantly from their birth color. Generally speaking the only color that will remain unchanged is Black & tan, but the markings can change.

What is a double coat?

    Pomeranians have a double layer coat. The undercoat is softer, fluffier, and dense. The outer coat has longer strands and is coarser, harsher in texture. A soft, flat coat is considered a fault, as are open spots or very thin spots.

Do Pomeranians shed?

    Yes, but this can be controlled by regular daily brushing. We recommend the Furminator or other de-shedding brush/comb. Regular brushing will also cut down on allergens.

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