Eleanor Strong with Fifi a female, Brown Toy Poodle.The Poodle, though often equated to the beauty with no brains, is exceptionally smart, active and excels in obedience training. The breed comes in three size varieties, which may contribute to why Poodle is one of the most popular breeds according to AKC® Registration Statistics. Poodles can be a variety of solid colors, including white, black, apricot and gray, but never parti-colored.

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Poodle Specific Info

Are Toy Poodles good for people with allergies?

    Yes, Toy Poodles do not have fur like other dogs. They have hair similar to human hair. This reduces dander and shedding making them ideal for people with allergies.

Which hairstyle is best for my Toy Poodle?

    You can choose between the show cut and a puppy cut. If you do not plan to show your dog, we recommend the puppy cut for ease of maintenance.

Do you dock tails and remove dewclaws?

    Yes, all puppies have their tails docked and dewclaws removed between 3 and 5 days old.

Do you sell Parti or Phantom Toy Poodles?

    These are not breed standard colors. We do not breed for these traits, but it is possible for one to be born to solid color toy poodles.

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